Michael Travers, Mediator & Counselor at Law, facilitates effective communication and greater understanding in order to resolve conflict, as well as refine & define clients' future plans and agreements.

He is 100% committed to helping people stay out of Court. 


Michael holds a JD (1993) from Vermont law School where he graduated magna cum laude, also receiving the Vermont Law Scholar award in 1992. His MA is in Counseling Psychology (1986), where he first started also mediation training and performed clinical milieu therapy from 1987-1988.

Since 1992, Michael has mediated legal proceedings and has mediated over 2000 cases in the context of litigation, including civil, family, commercial and criminal proceedings.

Travers' received formal Mediation trainings from the following exceptional national and international trainers. The University of Denver College of Law Mediation * Arbitration Center;  The Center for Mediation in Law (n/k/a The Center for Understanding in Conflict), The Center for Nonviolent Communication with Marshall D. Rosenberg, Ph.D., The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society, The Center for Non-Violent Communication, as well as Forrest (Woody) Mosten, JD and Pauline Tesler, JD.


Celia Macedo

Celia is a key player in administration at Travers' Law, with over a decade of service. 

Celia has an extensive background in Project Management, assuring an organizational system both easy to follow and effective.

 With advanced studies in Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and a deep interest in Restorative Justice, she is skillful in compassionate communication, empathy, and listening. 

Celia is a long-time participant in "5Rhythms®" - a therapeutic method of dance - as well as contemplative dances and music playing. She is a Certified End of Life Doula. 


Keren Khaya Abrams, MA

With decades of experience in private counseling, as well as therapeutic services via contemplative practices and dance, Keren is adding Mediation to her services.

She has created SPEAKWELL skillful communications online courses & consults from her counseling experience as well as her wealth of life experience both leading and collaborating in the performing arts, teaching, officiating ceremony, and inter-cultural travel. She also currently offers Life Transitions Counseling with private clients world-wide. 

She holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in Interdisciplinary Arts, has extensive experience as both a teacher and coach, a dance-performance artist, a yogi, and a musician. She is authoring two novels currently and lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her twin tots.

More About Michael

When Travers started Law School, he and his wife had a 6-month old son...

their marriage wasn’t doing well, and divorce was likely. With a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and now his direct experience with family dynamic hardships while in law school, Travers developed a unique perspective regarding how he was being trained in Law.

He was truly amazed at how disconnected both legal studies and legal proceedings seemed to be from the humanity of the parties’ involved. He was inspired to participate in and develop better options.

A visiting student for one semester at the University of Denver School of Law's Mediation and Arbitration Center, Travers took these perspectives on what conventional law lacked and dived deeply into Alternative Dispute Resolution philosophies and methods, as student and practitioner.

Following that program, Michael did a number of intensive trainings with the Center for Mediation in Law (NKA The Center for Understanding in Conflict) in the mid- 90's as a young attorney. This is where Michael was part of seeding what is today known as the field Collaborative Law.

Michael's true commitment to be of service as Legal Counsel was ignited by the intensive study of Alternative Dispute Resolution.  He realized that he could integrate his humanistic philosophies as well as his life-experience and academic training through creating his private practice, now over 20 years strong.

He provides: 1) problem solving and joint collaborative planning of agreements prior to conflicts, including prenups, marital agreements, business & partnership agreements; 2) mediation, collaborative law consulting and facilitation, restorative justice, victim-offender reconciliation; 3) legal consultations, advice, and second opinions; 4) conflict management and dispute resolution planning and services; 5) Collaborative Law representation


Getting Outdoors in Boulder and Beyond, Skiing and teaching skiing in USA and Europe, Contemplative and Expressive Arts, Music & Movement Arts, and Travel.

Founder of the public school: "Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies"

Vermont Law School Scholar Award, 1992

Vermont Law Review

Award for Academic Excellence: Commercial Transactions, 1991

AI Legal Awards: Best in Colorado for Marital Mediation, 2015: 

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Restorative Justice 

Michael Travers' full CV available to view here:

CV.Michael_Travers.2018 (pdf)